Sunday, December 2, 2018

From Turkeys to Santas

We spent Thanksgiving with our son and daughter-in-law in the Washington, DC area. Our daughter was able to fly in as well, so it was nice to have everyone together. As it is supposedly one of the busiest flying days of the year, I am always amazed when we walk into Lambert Airport the day before Thanksgiving and see this:

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport
So much for having TSA pre-check! No one really needed it, though I did hear the East Terminal, which houses Southwest Airlines, was quite busy.

We spent most of our time eating, visiting and playing card games. We did drive an hour northwest of the city to visit a 55+ community just out of idle curiosity. The kids came along with the enticement of visiting a couple of wineries in the area afterwards. The Shenandoah Valley is certainly beautiful.

Shenandoah Valley
While we did not get the 60 plus degree weather out there that they had in St. Louis while we were gone, Sunday was quite pretty so we headed into DC to see the Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick Gallery. It was quite fascinating, as was the other artwork in the museum.

Renwick Gallery
After visiting the gallery, we took advantage of the weather to walk around the mall area. Lots of people were out and about, and it is always a thrill to me for see some of our national landmarks and monuments.

Washington, DC
Fortunately we had scheduled our flight home on Monday, so the snowy conditions in the midwest on Sunday only impacted our flight slightly. We left DC only a half an hour late Monday night.

Santas on the Loose
Yesterday was Santas on the Loose, a 5k run in Webster Groves that benefits the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Center. For the 3rd year in a row I was one of the event photographers. It is always fun to see the way that people dress up for the run, and of course the little kids who run the 100 yard dash are adorable as well.

Normally there are quite a few dogs, and I enjoy photographing them in their outfits. This year I only saw one dog running with its owner. As the temperature was in the mid 50s when the race began, you certainly couldn't blame it on the weather.

I've gone through my 1,100 plus photos and culled out the best to send to the race organizer.  Time to relax for the rest of this dreary Sunday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Missouri Botanical Garden Glow

in the snow globe
Last night we had the opportunity to attend a dinner celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance at the Missouri Botanical Garden. SWT Design has been an active partner in the project for quite a long while, so we were invited the celebration. It was an interesting mix of people, and the organization has a reason to be proud of all the accomplishments.

The evening was specifically designed to take advantage of the Garden Glow at the facility. Consisting of over one million lights, the Garden Glow gets bigger and better each year. Following the dinner and program, we were free to walk through the garden. Of particular fun this year was the addition of the Twelve Days of Christmas displays, of which some pieces were interactive. You could be one of the 12 drummers drumming, for example. I couldn't help but laugh as I passed by the various pieces, because my dad absolutely hated that song.

While it was a little chilly out, we had dressed accordingly and so it was a fairly pleasant night to walk through the garden. There were not many people out viewing the exhibit yet, so we could just take our time and enjoy the show. The Missouri Botanical Garden continues to amaze and amuse me year round.

Garden Glow 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018

Fall Leaf Walk

Wednesday I went on the Fall Leaf Walk at Bellefontaine Cemetery with a couple of my friends. It was a freezing cold day with a light dusting of snow on the ground, so not ideal for looking at trees and leaves. At any rate, the tour guide was amazing and I learned a lot about not only the unique trees that exist at this Level II Accredited Arboretum, but also about the icons used on stones. The most interesting thing to me as a genealogist involves the use of a period. If a period follows the surname on a stone, that indicates the end of the family name, meaning there are no male descendants to carry on the name. Who knew?
period on headstone
It was a wonderful tour, despite the cold, and I would love to do it again and bring Jim with me. Just not when it is winter!
Bellefontaine Cemetery
Kim Wolterman
Today I had the privilege of being on Radio63119, the local radio station for my community. The topic was house research, so a woman from the Webster Groves Historical Society joined the conversation as well. The show host is so professional and easy going that it was like we were all just sitting around my coffee table. I had a blast! I would be happy to be on her show again any time she wants me. An added bonus is that she put in numerous plugs for my book on researching house history in St. Louis County. Once she has a taped transcript of the show ready, I will be able to share that on my social media outlets.