Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Deer!

Jim left this morning to go up to Charles City and check on his mom. She has multiple doctors appointments on Monday, so he thought he could help out by driving her and his dad over to Mason City. Because it is a payroll week, I stayed home with Kirby so I can take care of business. On his way up Highway 61, he visited a store on the south side of Hannibal. We have often commented on it, as it looks like a mini Bass Pro wannabe. Jim took a break and stopped in. A little Italian man owns the place, which basically is a bow hunters store. Jim told me that he has deer in the back. I was thinking that he meant he sells the bows to the hunters, then they bring the deer back to him and he processes the meat. Nope. He actually has deer fenced in out back. He collects the urine from the deer and sells it. A pee farmer.

First of all, how in the world does he collect the urine? Are they catheterized? Second, who buys the urine and what are they doing with it? Apparently he shovels up the urine of does in heat. It is a strong buck attractant. Which answers question 2, as he sells it to hunters to get the attention of the bucks. Hmmmm....and I thought we had an interesting business. As I say, only in America.

I spent all of today cleaning the house to try to get rid of some of the plaster dust. The downstairs is 100% done, and part of the upstairs is finished. My sister is coming over tomorrow to spend a couple nights with me, so I still need to dust the guest bedroom and then clean the attached bath before she gets here. Dusting in my office and the master bedroom can wait, if need be. I'm not sure if any workers will be back on Monday or not. God forbid they should keep me in the loop. With the forecast, it is likely they will stay home. Then my house can stay clean for a couple days.

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