Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cookie Redeux

As you can see, my experiment is not going very well. And this isn't even the worst example. I ate that one! The individual tube of gel frosting that I had purchased and used on the first cookie left me with a big blob of green icing in the center of the cookie. Digging through my cabinets I came up with a four pack of gel tubes. On this cookie I tried using the green out of this package. Even when pressing hard onto the cookie I was not getting the full logo design. I read some more on the Internet about this process, and subsequently learned that you should not use rubber stamps on food products. Apparently something leaches out of the rubber. Great!

For my last shot at this endeavor I mixed the gel with regular food coloring to thin it down a bit. Then I took a cue tip and spread the icing on the stamp. You can see that I got a little better results with this method. Jim said that people would get the general idea. Well, the general idea is not good enough. Why bother if you can't get a nice, clean image?

This is the back of the stamp, showing what the design should look like. Hey, maybe I should turn it over and use this side instead! Nah - I think my stamp is destined to be used on stationery in the future.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

I would have to say that your results are disappointing. Looks like a St. Patrick's Day blob.