Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AncestryDNA Test Results

This afternoon I received an email notifying me that my AncestryDNA test results were in. All I needed to do was click on Go To Results. I hesitated for a moment before hitting the button. What would I find? Would the results be so diluted as to not provide much information at all? What I found was certainly a surprise to me! The opposite of being too diluted, the results were almost too specific. Here is my chart:

AncestryDNA results
As I have looked at the charts of other people who have been posting their results, I have never seen one that is this narrow or limited in ethnicity. What is more puzzling, though, is the fact that my dad's paternal line came from northern Switzerland and my mom's maternal line came from central Germany. Where are my European roots? I was provided with a list of Ancestry.com members who purportedly match my DNA and also have British Isles ancestry. The next step is to go to their family trees to see if and where our families overlap.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Well..... it's easy to read.....

You have a DNA mystery to crack, so get on it, Sherlock!