Thursday, September 12, 2013

Renting an International Phone

As discussed in the previous post, I decided to rent a phone while I am in Germany and Switzerland and avoid outrageous charges from my U.S. carrier. My PlanetFone arrived today as promised. Delivered by UPS, the package includes a return envelope for me to send the phone back once I get back home.

what you get
I took one look at the case the phone came in and thought, holy crap - where am I going to put this now? My suitcase is jam packed and my carry on is already quite heavy. Oh my... Contained in the case with the phone is the power cord, adapters for both Germany and Switzerland and a plug for a car. That, at least, is staying behind as I will have no need for it. There is also a brief instruction card that hopefully contains enough information that I can receive and make calls. They have their phone number programmed in, so if I get in a bind I can always call them. Maybe. The phone is pretty basic, but that is fine for my purposes. I don't intend to use it for anything other than the occasional phone call. Assuming that wifi is available and I will be able to blog, I will post on how the phone is working on my travels. Just one more day!

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