Friday, March 21, 2014

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon
Since you all seemed to be sad that I would no longer be sharing squirrel stories, you will be happy to know that Rocky Raccoon has come along to fill the void. Fortunately or unfortunately, Rocky lives outside. It is nice that he hasn't taken up residence in the space recently vacated by the squirrels, but instead he lives under the deck in the back. This drives the dog absolutely crazy! He can smell the raccoon, and so he stands by the steps and barks his fool head off.

Because I am so easily disturbed by the non-stop barking of some of the dogs in my neighborhood, I am particularly sensitive to not letting my dog bark for prolonged time periods. But when he is on the hunt for Rocky, Kirby will not obey. The only way to get him in the house is to fake a walk. I go outside with his leash, heading up the sidewalk. He will finally come up to me, and I can snap on the leash and lead him back into the house. I'm not sure how many times he will fall for that one though.

When I was sitting in the conservatory in the back of the house last night talking to my daughter on the phone, I saw something drop down onto the deck. Sure enough, there was old Rocky. Up to that point we were not certain if it was a raccoon or a possum under the deck. Now we know for sure. What I don't know for sure is what we are going to do about him. Rocky has checked in, now how do we get Rocky to check out?


Mrs. Wryly said...

I think you'll be calling squirrel busters and asking for their most intelligent agent. I saw a National Geo documentary on raccoons recently. They are much smarter than the average squirrel!! It was amazing to learn how they have adapted to urban life. If Rocky is a Rockette and has her babies under your deck, you will have quite a situation.

"Conservatory." I just love that word!

Kim Wolterman said...

Yeah, that is just what I need - a whole chorus line of Rockettes doing their dance below deck. Ugh!

Jodee Weiland said...

When we had a raccoon years ago, he got into the attic space of the house through screened slots in the eaves of the house. We had to catch him with an animal safe trap provided by the Animal Protection and Control Agency luring him with chicken. Once caught, he was moved to a preserve area. Later, the air slots were covered with something stronger that an animal could not get through...vent covers actually. You have to remove them because they can cause real damage to your home. I hope you find a way...for your dog's sake, if nothing else.

Kim Wolterman said...

Jodee, yes they are very destructive. so far this one seems to be content to stay under the deck. We may have to set out a trap though at some point, just for the dog's piece of mind.