Friday, July 24, 2015

A Grave Situation in Louisville

Colonel Sanders
On Sunday morning my cousin and I made breakfast, cleaned up and packed our cars. We had decided to visit Cave Hill Cemetery before we went our separate ways home. We both enjoy looking at and photographing old headstones, and this cemetery was established in 1848. In addition to being the final resting place of Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame) and his wife, the cemetery has many interesting grave markers. For example, I had never seen anyone use stained glass in a cemetery before - except for in a crypt. I was also amazed by the number of bronze statues decorating the graves. Certainly it is not unusual to see angels or busts of the dearly departed, but these were more decorative and, dare I say, fun. Set into the rolling Kentucky hills, the cemetery was beautiful and peaceful, and well worth a visit.

Cave Hill Cemetery
My last stop before heading back to St. Louis was a Kroger Grocery Store. I was hoping that I was close enough to Cincinnati that I would be able to purchase some goetta (best breakfast sausage ever!) and/or some Skyline Chili. Sadly, the store did not have either of these items. I will have to wait until my trip to Cincinnati this fall.

Overall, it was a nice little getaway weekend, despite the added adventures at the inn. But I did come away with some good stories, which is always a bonus!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Wow! The final resting place of the Colonel. And, I thought I just saw him in a commercial..... Those are some spectacular grave markers. Great fotography & fodder.