Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Floating Away

float trip
My husband's office has a float trip each summer, and we were back on the Huzzah River again this year. We shared an A-frame cabin with Jim's business partner (whose wife got sick at the last minute and wasn't able to go.) There were 23 of us altogether, and most of the others set up tents, with the exception of a couple who had just purchased a nice-sized camper. While I don't really mind tent camping, doing so in August is not my idea of a good time. I was happy to have the air conditioning as well as indoor plumbing. It worked out well because the A-frame had a kitchen, and the refrigerator and running water made it easier to prepare the Saturday evening meal.
A-frame cabins
The forecast for the weekend was not good, calling for temperatures in the 90's and rain, but we actually lucked out. It was overcast for much of the day on Saturday, and we had a slight breeze out on the water. The river was not too crowded - perhaps the forecast kept people away. It ended up being a lot of fun, and it was nice for me to be able to meet the new employees as well as this year's batch of interns. One of the interns is from the Cincinnati area, so we sure had a lot to talk about.

Huzzah horses
Saturday night was not restful as there was a huge party going on until all hours of the morning in the area where the cabins were located. But we awoke to some low lying clouds, and Jim captured this nice picture of the horses in the pasture.

We had a light breakfast and enjoyed coffee/tea on the deck of the cabin before packing up and heading out. Jim and I stopped in Cuba, Missouri on the way back to see the murals in town. There are 12 outdoor murals that tell the history of Cuba, which was founded in 1857. We did not have a map depicting the locations of the murals, but we were still able to find all of them. Below are pictures of a few of them. They are beautifully done, and it is well worth a stop if you are heading down Interstate 44.

Cuba, Missouri murals
While we were gone Kirby was in the capable hands of the friend who always stays with him, and he was just fine without us. We left his cone of shame on, and Caren commented that he wears the cone like a fashion accessory! She was amazed at how well he has adapted to life with the collar. We actually removed it last night as the vet said to wait 3-4 days post stitch removal to take it off. He did a little licking at the surgery site, but not too bad. He has behaved himself pretty well today, so I am hoping that we can leave the cone off. He sure does like to snuggle, and it is pretty hard with that large thing around his head.  With all the uncertainty, we want to get in as many snuggles as possible.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Another very nice weekend for you! A cabin with A/C rides the fence between camping and glamping. Lovely murals.

Glad to hear the Kirby seems to have stabilized. I hope the cone can become a fashion accessory that is oh-so-yesterday.