Monday, February 13, 2017

Someting Rotten!

Something Rotten!
Jim took his annual trip to Chicago this weekend with a riding friend to go the the motorcycle show, so I had the house to myself. I don't particularly love that since my little house buddy is no longer here to keep me company. But I am adjusting. Friday night I took a gal pal with me to see "Something Rotten!" at the Fox. I knew nothing about the play other than some vague reference to Shakespeare and the fact that it had been nominated for 10 Tony Awards. Since I am not a huge Shakespeare fan, I chose not to read anything more about the show as I didn't want to have the wrong attitude going into the performance. This show has you laughing from the very beginning. It is fabulous - maybe the best play I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. I highly recommend it!

Saturday my niece came over to borrow one of my cameras. She is photographing the rehearsal dinner of her co-worker's stepson. I am a little anxious for her as shooting indoors is always tricky. I try to avoid it myself, and usually resort to using my iPhone because it seems to do better in low light. Without bringing in auxiliary lighting, which I don't own, it is hard to take flattering pictures. The built-in flash on the camera always seems to be too hot, washing the people out. I am not available that night, or I would go with her and take a second camera so she would have more pictures to choose from. Oh well...Coincidentally, the dinner is at 3rd Degree Glass. My Women in Focus group has a show opening there on Friday night, so at least I'll be able to scope the area out for her and see what the lighting is like. At any rate, it was great to see my niece as we never seem to be able to get together, especially one on one.
Cathedral Basilica

Sunday I went to the Cathedral Basilica as my photographer friend wanted to retake the photo she is planning on using in our show. The cathedral was completed in 1914, and designated a basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1997. Installation of the mosaics inside began in 1912, and the last of the 41.5 million tiles was laid in 1988! Covering 83,000 square feet, it is the largest mosaic collection in the world. What an amazing building! No matter how many times I go inside, it just strikes me dumb.

Sketch of Church
From there we went to Grand Center, where the skeletal remains of a burnt out church stand. Located at 460 N. Spring Street, the church was built in 1884 for a Baptist congregation. A fire in 2001 destroyed the church. Some reports say that lightning struck the building; others insist an electrical fire was the culprit. I have looked at many photos of it, but never seen it in person. The lighting with the bright sun wasn't particularly favorable, but at least I know where the church is now so I can go back. We had intended to end our photoshoot at The Grove, but despite the sun and temperature it was chilly out due to the high winds. We decided to tackle that location on a warmer Sunday morning.

Church of God

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