Friday, April 3, 2020

Grocery Store Madness

As I mentioned, Jim and I are taking turns doing our once a week run to the grocery store to minimize our exposure risk. We have selected Thursday as our day of choice because that is the day Harris Teeter offers 5% off to seniors 60 and over. It is also one of the two days they open at 6:00 a.m. for seniors. Yesterday was my turn to shop. Because Jim had encountered large crowds at 6 when he went last week, I decided to go to the store at 7, hoping the early frantic shoppers would be done by then. I still found the store to be quite crowded, making it difficult to maintain the 6' of separation in some areas. What is with people who block the entire aisle with their carts? It was also a little sad to see the number of people way younger than 60 in the store at that time. Harris Teeter had even sent out a public appeal to leave the hours of 6-8 in the morning for seniors because they are trying their best to keep us safe.

From a shopping standpoint I was able to find everything on my list except for yeast. I would love to have some on hand in case I can't find a loaf of bread someday and need to bake. There has been none for the past month, and I can't find it online either. I took a peek at the toilet paper, sanitizing soap and disinfecting spray aisles, and the shelves were bare. We are not in desperate need of any of those items, but I wouldn't mind having some extra wipes as I believe this stay-at-home mandate will go on longer than the month of April.

The government is now backpedalling on their position that healthy people do not need to wear face masks in public. It is expected that a recommendation to the contrary will come out any day. The mask will not protect the wearer from getting the virus, but will instead protect others if the wearer has the virus and perhaps doesn't know it. There is a shortage of masks and they need to be reserved for first responders and health care workers, so they are recommending that you make your own. I knew there was a reason I hauled all my fabric from St. Louis to Mount Holly! Today I will be looking at patterns online to see what I can come up with. I don't have any elastic, but elastic hair ties were given as an option on at least one example I saw on Facebook. I happen to have a supply of those that I had purchased for a different craft idea last year. I'm excited to have a project to work on that will be both fun and practical. In the meantime, here are some of the turtles in a cove by my house, just to make you smile.


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