Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Shower

So I had my first shower the night before last. The only problem? I was taking a bath at the time. My contractor has been bummed that no one has used the jetted tub yet - or the shower, for that matter. I had been trying to decide what to put over the window to protect the wood, and I didn't want to shower until I had that figured out. With Katie's helpful eye the other day, I selected a pretty cloth shower curtain with a cool texture and some brushed chrome shower curtain rings to tie in with all the hardware in the new bathroom. I hung it up and decided it looks really nice with the paint color and tiles. It just needs to be shortened so it isn't hanging in the tub.

Back to the bath...I began to fill the tub and climbed in, waiting until after the water had covered the side jets before turning on the power switch. Jim and Kirby came in to see how I liked the new tub, so we caught up on the day's events as the tub filled. I'm really not one to enjoy too powerful of a spray on my back, and sure enough one of the jets hit a sore spot. As I sprang forward the back jets began a fair imitation of Old Faithful, quickly drenching the back of my head, the floor (why would I shut the shower doors for a bath, right?) and the window that I had been so carefully keeping dry. Jim and Kirby got nailed with a bit of water as well. Apparently the back jets had not been under water when I turned on the power. Okay, lesson learned.

I added more water before engaging the jets again. I had myself a little soak, and as the water cooled I turned the handle to add more hot water. Only I turned it the wrong way and on came the shower. Now the front of my head was as drenched as the back. As it was already 10:00 at night, I was not amused. Jim was pretty tickled though, and he made a mad dash out the door before I could throw something at him. I guess I should be grateful he didn't have a camera with him. Definitely the picture would be worth a thousand words. Or a thousand hits on the Internet!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Remodeled bathroom or water park? Whatcha got going there?