Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Glad My Nest is Empty

We went back to the botanical garden this morning as we knew the azaleas would be in their full glory. Things started off a little dicey when I went to take my first picture and discovered I had no memory card in the camera. Jim borrowed my camera yesterday as he had gone to southern Missouri to help a client place bronze geese on his property. Was I ticked? Oh, you might say that. I was definitely thinking "point and shoot" and not in a photography kind of way. Luckily I had brought my pocket digital camera along as well, so I was going to settle for using it. Then Jim reminded me that the memory card for my little camera would also work in my DSLR. Ahhh...the marriage was safe for another day.

As we headed down the main path towards the Japanese Garden, a woman with three kids in tow was headed our way. Twin girls around 8 years of age and a boy around 9 or so were getting a scolding from their mom. The one girl folded her arms defiantly across her chest and made amazing facial expressions at her brother. Jim and I busted out laughing. The mother glared at us and shouted, "Sure, laugh it up!" It was shaping up to be another fun family day at the garden. Would we find Lorenzo running through the oceans of sand in the Japanese Garden again?

The beauty of the azaleas took our minds off of other people and their whiny children. The place was just amazing today, as the colors popped around every corner. We even found a duck busy padding its nest to cushion the eggs laying there. Hopefully they will be long gone before Lorenzo makes another appearance at the garden. They won't stand a chance with him.


Katherine Thomas said...

I had to laugh about the memory card. My husband would be getting the cold shoulder for a few hours if he did that to me! But, my husband is also the one who usually has a solution for my dilemmas that I never would have thought of... I'm glad my kids are all grown up too. I still worry about them all the time, but it's a different type of worry. Enjoyed this post!

Mrs. Wryly said...

Bronze geese sound a lot more decorative than "live".

He saved his butt with a technology patch.

Poor Mom! I stand by my comment that the garden sounds like a much better experience than it actually is for most kids.

Beautiful pictures!