Monday, April 19, 2010

Killer Kirby - Don't Let the Face Fool You

You have heard my rabbit tales before. We are cursed with a plethora of the cute little beasts now that the owls have moved on to furrier pastures. And since spring brings thought of love (or at least lust) to the male bunnies, there's all kinds of hoppin' going on around here. Yesterday as I was planting some portulaca out front, a big, bold bunny sat in the middle of the yard and watched. No doubt wondering what I was putting out for supper.

Speaking of supper, we grilled burgers and were sitting out back enjoying the evening when Kirby made a mad dash off the patio. Since it usually takes a stick of dynamite to remove him from Jim's side when he is eating, I glanced up to see what had captured his attention. He ran right up to a rabbit and head-butted it. Seriously...If I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. The rabbit finally took off with Kirby in hot pursuit until it slipped through the fence. He trotted back to the spot where the rabbit had been laying down, and all of a sudden I saw something dangling from his mouth. Thinking it was just fur, I walked over to him and it became apparent why the bunny hadn't run from Kirby at first. She had been giving birth. He literally had a newborn in his mouth. Yuck!

Now, trying to get something out of his mouth is like trying to get Sarah Palin to stop talking when a microphone is in front of her. I did my best to distract him by acting like the kitties were outside next door. It actually worked, so when he dropped the bunny to see what I was doing, Jim scooped up its now lifeless body and disposed of it. This morning Kirby had another baby in his mouth, fortunately while Jim was still at the house. We are not sure where he found this one. While I don't like the rabbits in my yard destroying hundreds of dollars of plant material, I also don't want Kirby to rid the world of them one baby at a time. If I could come up with a true rabbit repellent, I could be a millionaire!


Mrs. Wryly said...

That face would have fooled me! He's seems so innocent.

Rabbit multiplication all over your yard. What a story!

Linda Austin said...

I'm sure he thought the babies were fun toys rather than food.