Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulder...

I needed to pick up some rolls of stamps today, and thinking the lines would be short (or non-existent) I headed to the Post Office at Crestwood Mall. Surprised to see three people in line at a place that rarely sees three cars in the parking lot anymore, I took my place at the end of the line. The man at the counter was apparently sending something overseas that required custom forms to be completed, so it was going to be awhile. I was checking out the hair of the person (male? female?) in front of me as it looked like it had been colored. Having changed my own hair color this week, I was thinking the color was not quite right. All of a sudden some yellow appeared from under the man's hair. What the heck??? It was a parakeet! What I at first thought was bird crap on the guys shoulder was in fact shells from the seeds the man was feeding the bird over his shoulder. The bird's name was Sunshine. Remember that John Denver song? "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy..." Could so easily be "Sunshine on my should makes me crappy..."

By now a second employee came out of the back room and took the second person in line over to her counter. She quickly bought a book of stamps, had her letter weighed and stamped, and was on her way. That brought up birdman. He proceeded to tell the clerk how he and Sunshine are inseparable, (in fact Sunshine had showered with him that morning), and he set the bird on the counter for her to admire. Which she did, as the line grew longer behind me.

Package man was still at the counter in front of me, and birdman was chirping on and on about his bird, shutting up only long enough to give the bird kisses. The ladies behind me commented on how pretty the bird was, so birdman then scooped Sunshine up and brought him/her over to be admired and to say hello. HEL-LOOOOO... we're waiting here. Places to go, people to see, and all that. Mail your packages and get the flock out of here.

Luckily package man finished up his business so I could buy my stamps and exit before I showed birdman my bird!


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my gosh! You're so funny! 'Get the flock out of here...' There is nohing worse than waiting in line behind someone who is there for a social visit!
On a side note, our post office has an automatic teller machine that is available 24/7, and you can weigh/send packages, or buy stamps from it, with your credit card!

Mrs. Wryly said...

Those old men in the malls..... Don't get me started. He is using Sunshine as a way to pick up women.

I guess it's better than using a cute great-grandbaby.

J. M. Strother said...

What a hoot. Oh no, that'd be an owl.