Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Not So Happy New Year

For many in the St. Louis area, 2015 went out on a wet note. A very wet note, as more than eight inches of rain fell over a three day period. Nearby rivers overflowed their banks, and three interstates along with numerous highways were closed because they were covered by water. Homes and businesses were flooded, and people struggled to make their way to work without the benefit of their usual roadways. My neighborhood was not directly impacted by the flooding, although several people did lose huge trees due to the ground being saturated. (As we lost two historic trees of our own earlier in the year, I am very grateful that our remaining trees are still in place.)

On New Year's Day, Jim and I drove around the area looking at the flood damage. Somehow when you watch the news coverage on television, it doesn't seem to be real. Seeing the water up close certainly puts things in perspective.

Along Highway 109 in Eureka
Michael rowed his boat ashore

Stable in Glencoe
New water hazards at Aberdeen Golf Club

I-44 and Hwy. 141
I-44 and Hwy. 141
Reflection in the flood waters


Sugarfire Smoke House
We ended our tour by having a late lunch at Sugarfire Smoke House, which is located right by the flooded intersection of Interstate 44 and Highway 141. While the interstate had reopened by this time, 141 remained closed. We had never eaten here before, but they seemed to be doing a brisk business from the gawkers who had, like us, come out to survey the damage. I love that the restaurant had a sandwich special called the Sandbag. When life hands you lemons...

Best of all, I salute them for offering the special at no charge to anyone who was displaced by the flood. We will be back, Sugarfire - due to your excellent food as well as your community generosity.

Sandbag special

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Excellent photos and clever captions of a very bad situation....