Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trentham and Melbourne

Tuesday morning Jim and I walked into town to have breakfast. Our waitress asked where we were from, and when we said Missouri, she asked where in Missouri. When Jim told her St. Louis, she announced, "I have cousins in St. Louis!" The world is, indeed, small. Later the two Jims were off to look at some projects, so Curtis and I took their adorable Schnoodle Penny for a long walk through the reserve and then around town. I wonder if it ever grows old to see parrots, cockatoos and kangaroos on a daily basis?

The rest of the day was spent meeting more friends - a landscape designer who lives on 17 acres in a house made from repurposing two metal, portable classrooms. The property is entirely off the grid, which was fascinating to see. Next up was a man from Scotland and his Boston wife who live in a fabulous home on a large acreage. We wrapped up the day by having dinner with the Sinatra's grandson, his partner, and their adorable daughter, who just turned one.

Wednesday three kangaroos blessed us with their presence right in the back yard when we awoke in the morning. We had heard they will come right up near the houses, but this was the first we had seen them in the yard. The sun also decided to make its appearance after a couple gloomy days, so it was a pretty day to drive to Melbourne where we met another couple who are friends of the Sinatra's. They are letting us stay with them for a couple nights, which is so kind of them.

Following lunch, Sinatra's headed off for home, and it was very sad to say goodbye. Our host took us to the Royal Botanic Garden of Victoria, which was lovely. We also saw the Shrine of Remembrance, a war memorial. Then we enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked meal before turning in for the night.

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