Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Weather has Been a Little Frightful

Like most of the country, we have been having some wild weather this winter. Sometimes the temperature is average, then it might be in the 60s, and next thing you know it is -4 degrees. It certainly is challenging for everyone, and makes it hard to determine when I should go out and take photographs.

The prediction for last Saturday was sunny and mild - in the 50s. My friend Caren and I had arranged to go to Lafayette Square in the city because she is always scouting for architecturally interesting sites for her photography business. It ended up being chilly and gray that morning, which is not the best for taking pictures. We took a nice walk in Lafayette Park anyway, and at least the ducks and swans were cooperative about having their pictures taken.

Lafayette Square
Sunday was also supposed to be nice, so Jim and I drove to the Audubon Center at Riverlands around 7:30 in the morning. The trumpeter swans winter here through February, and we always try to get there to see (and hear!) them. Reportedly they have about 1,400 of them there right now. The further we drove north, the more foggy it became. Talk about thick as pea soup!

Jim in the fog
When we arrived we could hear the swans, but we definitely could not see them. While we had a smidge of sunrise when we first got there, it was quickly gone. Again, it was tough to take pictures as everything was so gray. With the fog, the camera just did not know what to focus on. It was frustrating at best. Even when the fog lifted, everything was pretty dreary. We just did the best we could. We left after a couple of hours, and I bet we didn't drive two miles before we hit sunny blue skies and warming temperatures. Mother Nature got the best of us that morning!

Audubon Center at Riverland

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