Sunday, June 15, 2008

Proud Mom Moment

Katie turned 17 on Wednesday. She decided she wanted to have a party at our house. The last thing I was up for on the heels of our son's wedding was cleaning the house and getting ready for a party. But then I realized it wouldn't be fair to her to say no based on my selfish feelings. She has not had a birthday party for quite a few years. She planned the menu and helped get the food ready, and soon we had 14 teenagers here at the house. We added an addition to our kitchen last summer, along with a conservatory and large deck off the back. It is the perfect party spot, and the kids took advantage of the space. They joined my husband and me outside to eat, and then we discreetly went upstairs to our office to give them privacy. Surprisingly, Katie came to get us when it was time to open her presents, and again when they were ready to serve the cookie cake. What a corner we have turned! I guess we are no longer too embarrassing to be around her friends! The rest of the evening they talked and laughed and played board games. It was so refreshing to see teens having a good time without electronics or feeling the need to do other things they are too young to be doing. It was definitely a proud mom moment.

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