Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coming Soon to a TV Near You

The owner of my health club decided to have a television commercial produced to promote the franchise. As the footage was to be shot at a new club in Florissant, she needed members from the Webster Groves location to go to Florissant this morning so that both clubs would be represented in the commercial. Four of us from Webster decided to participate. Both the director of the commercial and the camera woman were very friendly and non-threatening, so it was easy to forget that the camera was rolling. We participated in small group training, did some Zumba (a very fun dance class which I had not tried before) and worked out on the circuit. I volunteered to do crunches, because for some strange reason I really like them. The way I do them. Which is on the floor with my arms bent behind my head. I can do a lot of crunches that way. Well, they had me laying across a Bosu ball and raising up while extending a four pound weighted ball. That doesn't sound too bad until you realize that you have to do it until the director yells "cut!" He then came up to me and said "Now we are going to do a close-up just of you so we need you to continue doing these for 12 more minutes. Funny guy! Interestingly, this commercial was produced by Chanel 5, so it will only air on that chanel and only during the shows selected by the club owner. I guess this is a way to cut expenses on putting together a commercial. Airing begins on Monday. Stay tuned...

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Mrs. Wryly said...

You have a lot of fitness up on me! I'm unfamiliar with Zumba and bosu balls. But, I do recognize Chanel #5.

The health club commercial that is currently airing, when the member dramatically emphasizes that she's "lost two dress sizes," always gets my attention. Except I can't remember what health club she's promoting. Her tone of voice cracks me up.

I will be looking for you on the bosu! Did you ask if you could put in a word for your book?