Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty as a Picture

It is cold again in St. Louis, with the temperature currently at 23 degrees. What's up with that? The weather around here never seems to be "average", whatever that is. We are always "above average" or "below average" for this time of year, blather the forecasters (can anyone say oxymoron for that word?) But my little amaryllis is blooming like crazy to assure me that spring can't be too far away. My husband gave me the bulb for a Christmas present, and it has been fun to watch it defy the cold temperatures and burst forth with blooming quadruplets; alas no octuplets here to stir the media pot. The flowers bring vibrance to an otherwise gray season, and a sense of anticipation for the new colorful carpet which will be unfurled outside as the days begin to warm. And that is something the media, with their persistent coverage of all that is negative, can't take away from us.

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