Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Name Game is Over

After much research and angst, I just filed the paperwork with the state to form my publishing company. Many names I came up with were already registered with the state. What is it people say? There's no such thing as an original idea? One web site suggested using alliteration in your company name, and that struck a chord with me. That narrowed things down to looking at "p" words. It was also suggested that you try to keep the same number of syllables in each word. So ideally I was searching for a three syllable "p" word. I am excited about what I came up with, which is Provenance Publishing LLC. It was not taken in my state, nor did it come up in a publisher search on Amazon. Provenance means a place or source of origin. As a noun, it is where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence. What better way to describe the process of putting your own book into print? I have an idea in mind for the company logo, and my daughter is working with my rough sketch in Illustrator. One step closer to making this book a reality!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Sounds good, Kim. So my dream of being able to say that "Sage Webster" was my idea has collapsed....

Provenance Publishing's next book, obviously, can be a primer on how to self-publish. The Primer on Self-Publishing by Provenance Publishing. Has a ring to it.

Good luck! Provenance is progress.