Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in a Name?

There is much to learn about self publishing. Most advice leans towards owning the ISBN number that goes on the back of the book. This truly makes you the publisher, and thus in control, of your book. Okay, that makes sense. But you need a name for your publishing company. "Don't name the company after yourself unless you want to look like an amateur," the sages advise. That means coming up with a different name for the publishing company. I have probably invested waaaay too much time thinking about the name. Above referenced sages speak to naming the company the same thing as your website. My House History Publishing Company? What if my next book is on how to do backyard composting? Or the history of Tuam, Ireland? You begin to see my dilemma. I don't want to pigeonhole future books that may be published from my publishing company based on the name of the publishing company alone. It seems like a pretty important decision to be made in mere minutes. Yet my indecision is holding up the process. I need to apply for a tax identification number with the state under the name of my new company. I can't purchase my ISBN number(s) until I know the name of the publishing company. I can't pay for the ISBN numbers until I have a bank account opened in the name of the publishing company so I can keep my records straight for taxes. And so on... As the book cover is in design even as I write this, time is of the essence. Now, where did I put that creative thinking cap?


Michael said...

One correction and one tip:

You don't need a business checking account to buy a block of ISBNs. All you need is pulse and a credit card.

For names, consider historical figures or geography -- near or remote.

I named my self-pub company "Silver Sands Books" after a local beach.

Michael N. Marcus

Mrs. Wryly said...

Sage Webster Publishing Company

You can thank me later.

Gena said...

I see your dilemma.
How 'bout:
Life Traveler
The Mind Inside
Pushing Through

Take your "life story" and make it a title.