Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Bunny Fofo

Last week I got my last 30 annuals planted - wave petunias. Knowing we had graduation events coming up, I purchased the large plants to the tune of $3 each. They filled out the back planting beds nicely. I was excited when they began to bloom by Katie's party last Saturday. Monday as I walked around the yard, I noticed that eight of the plants had been eaten by the ever expanding bunny population in our yard. By Tuesday morning another dozen had fallen prey to the salad bar bandits. Frantically I dashed around spraying each plant with a hot pepper mixture I had gotten at the local garden shop last year. Imagine my surprise when I went out this morning to find that the remaining plants had been decimated. What, did I spray them with Bunny Foo Foo or something?

Incensed, I went back to my garden shop this morning to inquire as to whether or not they now sell guns. A bit perplexed, the clerk shoot her head in the negative. "Well, I guess I need a bottle of 'Liquid Fence' then", I retorted. she gets the gun question. I think she had to call the police station back and cancel the request for assistance in handling a deranged gardener.

My not so waving petunias are now bathing in 'Liquid Fence", which smells a lot like manure. The dog, of course, loves the aroma, so let alone protecting the petunias from the rabbits, I have to guard them from the dog. If I go out tomorrow morning and find further damage to the plants, I'll be scooping up little bunny fofos and bopping them on the head. Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him?


Linda Austin said...

A ha ha ha! I had this problem two years ago. Garden shop said to use blood meal, which would have made the cats and dog go into digging, feeding, rolling frenzies. So, no flowers or hosta for awhile. For some reason the Bunny Foo Foos have been behaving since then. Good luck!

Mrs. Wryly said...

Salad Bar Bandits!! Too Foo-Foo Funny! Do you have any deer in your area?

Have a fun holiday weekend. No shooting of wildlife allowed.