Friday, May 1, 2009

Raindrops are STILL Falling on My Head

Normally I am a pretty upbeat, happy person. But I have to say, the weather this week is really starting to get to me. Every day has looked like the last - gray, then rainy, then gray again, etc. The dog and I have not been able to take our long walks, instead dashing out for short ones during the weather breaks. Not enough sun, not enough exercise...

I can't even get a decent photograph of our profusely blooming buckeye tree. It won the 2008 tree of distinction award in Webster Groves last year, and we received a nice frame with the award on one side and a place for a photo on the other. Last year was crappy when it bloomed as well, so the city did not take a photo of it for the frame. I was hoping to be able to rectify that this season. Maybe the cooler temperatures will keep it in bloom longer.

I had planned to get the rest of my annuals in this week. I could have planted in the rain, since I already looked like an idiot earlier in the week as I mowed in the rain. But I have this aversion to getting totally caked in mud. Now I hear that it may get into the 40's tonight, so I guess it is best that I waited. But the first graduation party is in two weeks, so the pressure will be on to get the yard in shape. The parties will be held outside, if it ever decides to stop raining here. If it doesn't, we'll be putting those sun umbrellas to a whole new use!


J. M. Strother said...

Yeah, this weather is getting to me too. I have not put in my garden. Can't recall ever getting such a late start. Seems more like March than May.

Mrs. Wryly said...

Although I don't like to garden (sweat and bees and wasps, oh yuck), I understand your frustration with the rain.

Wow, best blooming buckeye tree in Webster Groves! Do you have a trophy room in your house to display all of your business and personal awards?

Do you think all this rain has brought out the darn June bugs early? They are the bees and wasps of the night. Yuck.