Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Extreme Bathroom Makeover

Jim and I have talked off and on about remodeling the main bathroom on the second floor of our house. We do not {gasp!} have a master bedroom suite in our 108 year old house, and the only way to get one would be to add an addition or sacrifice one of the other bedrooms. Neither seems like a good option to us right now. It never has been that big of a deal because one of the smaller bedrooms on the second floor has an attached bathroom, including a shower. I use the main bath and Jim uses the guest bath. No biggie.

The main bath has had a few issues with the wall behind the tiled tub/shower, and two different contractors have told us the wall is "spongy". I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it doesn't sound good.

It so happens that at this point in time the contractor who did our kitchen/conservatory addition will have a crew freed up soon with no work lined up. We decided to jump on the opportunity to tackle the bathroom. It will be completely gutted - out with the tub, tile, flooring, toilet, sink and vanity. The pressure is on to find replacement parts quickly. We went to RSI after work yesterday because they do have a nice showroom. We took a couple of photos of things we liked. Next stop will be Borders to pour through the kitchen and bath remodeling magazines to see what is the latest and greatest. The bathroom has a window, and I'm not willing to sacrifice it so we can't use one of those all in one tub units. That would be an easy decision.

The biggest issue for me is that Jim is the one talking to the contractor. I just hope the workers don't just show up at my door without warning. Because you know who has to empty everything out of the bathroom. And being a woman, I'll want to clean the toilet before they rip it out!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

That will be a lot of fun!!! NOT!

Worth it though, at the end. What about the designers at JCP? Maybe they can give you some cheap advice.