Thursday, January 21, 2010

Potty Talk

Jim Sepe came over to look at our bathroom today. His company did a fantastic job on our addition downstairs, so I definitely wanted him to do the bathroom remodeling. It was really fun to listen to him throw out ideas and alternatives for the room. It is a pretty standard size bathroom, so we can't get real creative. We have to keep a shower/tub combo because that is the only tub in the house. For resale down the road, any family would want a tub. I also didn't want to necessarily get rid of the linen closet in there because this house is really shy on closet space as it is. But if we remove the closet, then we can put in a dual sink vanity. I watch my HGTV - I know that is what all the home buyers are looking for. Of course they want it to be in a master bath, but hey, you can't always get what you wa-ant (everybody sing)....If we cut into the bathroom wall that backs up to my crappy closet we can put shelves in there to make up for the loss of the closet. Plus we'll gain the storage of the double vanity. Sounds like a plan, and he's to get back to us by Monday with pricing. Woo, hoo!

The challenge for me is to update the room to make it more modern without making it uber-modern and out of character. So tonight Jim, Katie and I went to Borders and became those people who sit around and look at books and magazines but don't buy anything. Okay, that's not technically true because Katie bought a pocket English-Chinese dictionary. So we weren't total slugs. Actually I would have bought something if anything we looked at had contained a design we liked. I really was not inspired. Guess I know what we will be doing on Saturday - hitting the remodeling stores.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

It's amazing to see how a small space can be maximized and beautified with the right design. I'm sure Team W. is the right one for the job! Go Potty Team!