Saturday, January 30, 2010

Potty Talk Two

So, the bad thing about having a week between deciding on the new bathroom layout and the date the order could be placed for the cabinets and vanity top is that we had a week to think about things. I discussed our decisions with a real estate agent because I was still in shock over the "we aren't selling many dual sink vanities anymore" comment by the three bathroom designers. The realtor concurred that since we have a second full bath on the second floor, we could go either way with it. But she thought that the "knee hole" for sitting to put on make-up was too dated a look. Crap - the last thing I want to do is date a new bathroom! So back to the drawing board we went.

Our sales woman was already booked with a 9:00 when the doors opened this morning, so we had another woman help us. That actually ended up to be a good thing because she looked at the layout through a different set of eyes. I really loved her suggestion about building drawers into the wall to store the linens. We were going to buy a second cabinet to match the one under the sink and recess it into the wall. The drawers are way more functional and will fit the character of the house better, I think. Whether that solution ends up to be more or less expensive remains to be seen.

We pulled the trigger and placed the order. The photo shows the cabinet we selected, and the mirror above will actally be a tri-fold medicine cabinet. We selected a medium cherry finish to lighten it up just a little, but will have the same color Silestone vanity top as is shown here. The cabinet and matching medicine cabinet will take about two weeks, as will the vanity top. Apparently the tub we selected may be on that same timetable. I thought the contractors were coming a week from Monday, but Jim just informed me they will be here this Tuesday. I hope they have enough work to do to keep them busy until the stuff we had to order arrives. All I need is for them to get pulled off to another job. Since this is the bathroom I use, I don't want this to drag out for months.

Now I guess I know what I will be doing this weekend - emptying out the linen closet that will be removed, the cabinet under the sink, and my closet as that is where the new drawers will go. Sounds like spring cleaning will come early to my house!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

That week of thinking is tough. Hard to commit hard dollars, but looks like it will be a very pretty potty, indeed.