Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grease IS the Word!

Last night Katie and I went to see "Grease" at the Fox Theatre. Jim is still up in Iowa with his mom following her open heart surgery, so Katie scored the second ticket to go with me. I have to say up front that "Grease" is not a favorite show of mine. The whole story line bugs me. Bad boy meets good girl. Bad boy gets good girl. Bad boy dumps good girl once he gets back with his bad boy friends. Good girl becomes bad girl to get bad boy back. Really?

The Fox has been heavily promoting the show because Taylor Hicks, winner of Season 5 of American Idol, is in it. Seriously, he has one song in the show. They brought him back out at the end to do a reprise of the song "Grease", and following the show he sang one song from his new CD, which he would conveniently be signing and selling in the lobby. I don't care for Taylor Hicks, never have. And for the record? My name is Kim Wolterman and I am an Idolholic. I couldn't believe Taylor won Season 5. And look where it's gotten him. Signing CDs at the Fox Theatre riding on the Teen Angel wings of "Grease." Enough said.

The travesty of the whole thing is that Ace Young plays Danny, the bad boy lead in "Grease". Ace was also on Season of American Idol, and finished 7th. He was fabulous in the play, and very cute to boot. Did you hear one mention of him in any of the advertising of "Grease"? No, it was all about Taylor, the one song wonder of the play.

Okay, I'm done ranting. The gal who played Sandy, the good girl lead, had played Elle in "Legally Blonde the Musical" at the Fox. She is as cute as can be and very talented. The entire cast was great, and very high energy. So despite the fact that the plot sucks, the production was really great. Go, greased lightening!


Anonymous said...

Glad to read Ace is doing great in the role of Danny Zuko. Man, oh man, you shoulda seen Ace on Broadway when he played Kenickie. Hot, hot, hot! Go Greased Lightning indeed. :)

Mrs. Wryly said...

Yeah, Taylor was certainly not the right person to come out on top of S5.

The plot, not so hot. But the songs! Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee! Who doesn't love that?