Thursday, July 17, 2008

Model for a Day

We had Katie's senior pictures taken on Tuesday. Our friend Jim Diaz is a photographer who is looking to get into the senior portrait market, so Katie is his test model. We left our house at 7:10 in the morning to drive out to a horse farm in Wentzville. There we were met by Jim and his assistant, Mel, as well as a hair and makeup artist. Talk about every teenage girl's dream! Katie had several changes of clothes along, and her hair and makeup changed along with the scenery. Shots were taken in the barn and the hayloft, with one of the horses in front of a pond and ended up with some photos taken in a bed of wildflowers. Shortly after noon we headed back to the city to grab some lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon in Jim's studio, which is located in an old firehouse in Lafayette Square. Here he took the more traditional senior portrait shots, and a few of Katie with her own camera as photography is a hobby of hers. We got back home around 5:15, and we have a whole new respect for the models and photographers who do photo shoots day in and day out. Now we can't wait to see the proofs!

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