Friday, July 4, 2008

A Word to the Whys

Why should you always back up the important stuff on your computer? Because you neve know when you might have a computer crash. My main computer has a huge issue. It starts up and lets me sign in, goes to my desktop and after about 5 seconds tells me it is saving my settings and then shuts itself down. I think I picked up a virus (despite a subscription based virus protector) while I was looking at college websites for my daughter. My computer guy took it away Wednesday, and every time he runs virus scans on it the computer freezes about half way through the process. This does not sound good. As it is the computer I use for our business, it is really a problem not to have it here. Fortunately I at least have my laptop so I can access email and take care of my blogs. I just wish I would have backed up the latest version of my book on my laptop so I could work on it. Since I can't do my job, I could be working on the book guilt-free.

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