Monday, July 21, 2008

What's Wrong with Americans?

The local free paper has a section called "Sound Off", where readers can vent anonymously about things that bug them. In the most recent issue, a parent wrote in one which was entitled "Unfair to car drivers." His (or maybe her) 17 year old driver was following a truck, both of them traveling 36 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. Now this person's beef was that the girl was pulled over by a motorcycle cop and ticketed while the truck driver was not. When she asked him why, he replied that he could not pull trucks over on his motorcycle. So this parent said that it seems a young girl was a much easier ticket than a truck, and ended the rant by saying "Shame on him." Where is this parent's outrage that his or her child was going six miles over the speed limit? Again this is a perfect example of trying to shift the blame to someone else instead of accepting responsibility for individual actions. To this parent and child, I would say "Shame on you!"

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