Sunday, January 18, 2009

Easy Riders

Last night was our last Christmas party, thank goodness. We hosted the party for the St. Louis Victory Motorcycle Club, and we had 14 people here. Jim grilled pork and beef loins, and I made rolls, a tortilla appetizer and corn casserole. Others brought cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans and shrimp cocktail. Sounds like a summer feast, doesn't it? Well, with the temperature making it into the 40's yesterday, it felt darn-right summery out! One of the ladies brought two homemade gooey butter cakes, one of which was pumpkin flavored. OMG! And I don't usually care for gooey butter cake at all. Amazing...We had a gift exchange, as everyone was to bring a $10 gift item. As your name was drawn, you could select one of the wrapped gifts. My name was the second to be called, and the package I selected held a very unique gift item - a statue of a pig driving a motorcycle. Jim got a bottle of wine, which he was quite happy with. Then the exchanging began. All the names were put back in the hat, and when your name was called you could take someone else's gift. I knew someone would covet my pig, and sure enough I found myself with a wall calendar depicting a Victory motorcycle on each month. Knowing that Jim would like that on his office wall, I declined to swap gifts when my name was called. Jim did the same, keeping his bottle of wine. That will teach us. Someone wanted Jim's wine, and in return he got a Harley Davidson belt buckle and temporary tatoos (choke!) and, I kid you not, a pair of men's edible underwear! Peach flavored, no less. Needless to say, no one else came after his new gifts. I didn't fair much better. The last name called was Moose, and he took my calendar. In exchange I received a book entitled "Redneck Extreme Mobile Home Makeover". Sounds like there will be some re-gifting in our future. I had not met any of the members of the riding club before since I don't own a motorcycle nor will I get on the back of one, but somehow sharing margaritas and edible undies has made me part of the group. Ride on!


Mrs. Wryly said...

Redneck Mobile Home Extreme Makeover! That's an awesome work of non-fiction, if I've ever heard one. You are always so lucky.


MBrown said...

It's not the Redneck Mobile Home Extreme Makeover book I covet -- I already have my own copy and who needs two? It's the edible undies I envy -- I can never find the peach-flavored ones. :-)


gma12 said...

Kim you are soooo lucky with your gifts. I can't begin to tell you what junk we've gotten over the years. I of course always shopped for the best, most fun gifts I could find and they were always fought over and traded back and forth many times. Why did I ever bother? Never did we get anything that wasn't picked out of a trash can at the last minute. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.