Monday, January 5, 2009

Sew What?

I'm kind of between projects right now. My book is in limbo as I wait to hear back from the St. Louis County Library regarding my references to their holdings. I'm meeting with a couple of published authors later this week to discuss their publishing experiences. I can't begin Katie's graduation quilt until she supplies me with the pictures she wants me to include, and I can't start the quilt I donated for the school auction until the buyer gives me more information on her daughter's favorite activities, colors, etc. But I was ready to sew something over the weekend. But what to sew? I didn't want to begin a large quilt as my other obligations will kick in shortly. I decided to make a new wall quilt. I have one wall in the entry foyer that is perfect for a small quilt. I have already made a quilt for each season or holiday for that space, with the exception of Thanksgiving for some unknown reason. So I took the turkey fabric I purchased for a quilt I donated to charity last year, and based the new quilt around it. This fabric is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is covered in turkeys dressed up like pilgrims and football players. Unbelievably the football turkeys are dressed in either red or orange uniforms, which made it perfect for the quilt I made last year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Turkey Day game between Webster and Kirkwood. Kirkwood's uniforms are red and Websters are orange. The picture shown here is last year's quilt, which the principal has hanging in his office. At any rate, I am trying to decide the final border for the new quilt, and then I will be ready to put the layers together. Sew much fabric, so little time...

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