Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Write Stuff

This morning I had coffee (okay, it was tea for me and coffee for the rest) with four other women at Mississippi Mud House on Cherokee Street. (A great place, by the way.) That might not sound so unusual, but though I have known one of the women for quite a few years, the others I didn't know at all. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss writing. My favorite topic! Two of the women have books published, one is a photographer thinking about writing a book, and the fourth is hoping to have some articles published in magazines. It was a very enlightening gathering, and ideas flowed like the coffee. The conversation was stimulating, and I don't mean in a caffeine induced kind of way. There is always so much we can learn from other people, particularly women, who seem more prone to sharing. As a further bonus for me, one of the women wrote a book on researching the history of a St. Louis City home, sort of a companion to my book on researching in St. Louis County. She has agreed to review my book, understanding that it has not been formally edited or designed yet. She will be able to point out other areas to look for resources, if I have missed something. I also want to have the book read by someone who knows nothing about researching house history, so I can be sure that it makes sense and follows logical steps. I have to say that was a little scary placing my "baby" in the hands of someone else for the first time. On the other hand, it makes the whole thing seem real now. And it just felt write!

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