Monday, January 12, 2009

My First Night as First Lady

So I'm not exactly Michelle Obama, but I am a First Lady in my own right. Or is that in my own mind??? Regardless... My husband is the new President of the American Society of Landscape Architects in St. Louis. That makes me First Lady, doesn't it? Last night was the annual Christmas party, and his first event as President. (I know, Christmas in January is a little weird, but believe it or not we are having the Gateway Victory Rider Club's Christmas party at our house this Saturday. I had to leave all my decorations up. Ughhhh... My neighbors must think I am too lazy to take them down.) Back to the party - sadly, no web sites sponsored contests on what I should wear in my first public appearance as First Lady. Due to the informality of the venue, I was attired in black wool slacks paired with a sleek black sleeveless blouse. This was topped with a trendy cropped jacket in shades of pink, burgundy and black. I was happy to see that most of the women were similarly garbed. The party was held at the 3rd Degree Glass Factory, St. Louis' only public access art education center. Not only did we get to admire (and purchase) hand made glass objects, but they also offered demonstrations of glass blowing. It was very interesting, and the blast of the furnaces keep away the chill of a cold January evening. The food was catered by Cravings, and that combined with an open bar kept this First Lady very happy for the night. The meeting portion of the party was the presentation of awards. Each year landscape architecture firms in the area can submit projects from various categories for awards. The projects are reviewed by a landscape architecture chapter in another state to help ensure fairness. No putting the open award up for sale to the highest bidder here! Though it might have looked a little suspicious since my husband's firm took home four awards, which is a lot for a small landscape architecture firm. In fact it was the most awards won by any firm this year. I guess I better add that all the projects are submitted anonymously, so the judging is very objective. Jim did a great job in moderating the evening, and kept to the timetable. Hail to the Chief!

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Congratulations to the First Lady and Hail to the Chief! Four awards at the Golden Globes of Landscape Architects are awesome! It's great to hear about a business that's thriving.

I hope the author of the City house research book can give you some good baby tips.

Sorry to hear you've had to keep your Xmas decorations up. Our new neighbors had their indoor tree lit until this past weekend. They are retired; how could they be so lazy?

Mrs. Wryly