Saturday, January 24, 2009

Legally Blonde Was Not All Music to My Ears

We went to see Legally Blonde the Musical at the Fox last night. We are lucky to know a man who has two season tickets in the second row near the center, not only at this theater but the Loretta Hilton as well. When he and his partner cannot attend a performance, they always offer the tickets to us. We pay face value for them but hey, they are great seats. And it gives us a date night, something that after a long week at work and 30 years of marriage we might not manage if left to our own devices. The first half of the play went quickly. The large cast was very talented, the choreography was great and the set design quite clever. I think the costumes could have been done better, but I really like the movie version so perhaps I had some pre-conceived notions there. The two dogs did their parts without stealing the show. Intermission came, and we rose to stretch our legs. We normally don't leave our seats as we are long past the time in our lives where paying a fortune for some mediocre wine or soda and then having to chug it before the show resumes is entertaining for us. As the intermission stretched on, the couple next to me began to argue. They were a cute little couple (at least at first glance) who probably have been married 50 plus years. They spoke with an accent, perhaps Polish. I'm not sure. So the Mrs. is blah, blah, blahing and apparently the Mr. is not paying attention. "I hate it when you do that with your eyes," she snapped. "What?", he inquired, seeminly puzzled. "You move your eyes to the side. I know you are not listening to me!" He tried unsuccessfully to convince her that he hears what she says, and she continued to rag at him. He finally tried the ploy of "My arm hurts me. The pain makes it difficult to pay attention to everything." With that Mrs. launched into all of her aches and pains, and how they don't prevent her from listening to him. Thankfully before long the orchestra began to play, and the music drowned out the rest of the harping. The second half of the play was as good as the first, and when it finished we poured out of the theater into the cold warmed by the sentiments of the play. Omigod, omigod you guys...

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