Saturday, December 22, 2018

It's the Most Busiest Time of the Year!

Like most people, we have been incredibly busy this month. While we did get our Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving (for the first time in our 40 years of wedded bliss), there was still much to be accomplished. We had a trip up to Ames, Iowa the second weekend of December as Jim had been asked to serve on an advisory committee for the Landscape Architecture Department at Iowa State University. I spent Thursday night in Ames with him, and then I went to Des Moines to stay with friends while Jim had his meetings.

Iowa State Capitol Building
I was able to visit with a couple I used to baby-sit for in high school. Unfortunately she has had a couple of strokes, so I caught up with them at the hospital. It was quite sad, and I certainly wish her a speedy and complete recovery. The trip also gave me an opportunity to check out Smash Park, Des Moines first dedicated pickleball facility. The friend I was staying with had lessons on Saturday morning, so it was fun to see all the things offered by the center.

Smash Park

Jim caught us with us on Saturday afternoon, and we met other friends for dinner that night. It's so great to get together with people you have known since college. It's like the years have never passed. Sunday after breakfast and a tour of our friend's work place we headed home, catching a beautiful sunset along the way.

On the 15th our house was part of the progressive dinner for SWT Design. Everyone met at our home, where the bus picked us up. From here we went to one house for appetizers, then to a second one for salads. Jim and I bugged out of the salad location early to head back home to begin the dinner. We also hosted desserts. While there was a bit of a delay from having too many things in our oven, in the end everything turned out well and was delicious.

The gifts are all purchased, wrapped and waiting under the tree for the kids to arrive. Our daughter gets in later in the week, and our son and daughter-in-law will spend the actual holiday with her family and will join us later. I always say it doesn't matter what day we celebrate. The important thing is that we are together. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!