Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cordelia's Capers

My five year old great-niece, Cordelia, is a hoot. While enjoying being the center of attention around the family, she does not like strangers looking at her. (Which is why she has refused all pleas, threats and bribes to be the flower girl in my son's wedding.) Her kindergarten graduation was Friday, and that morning she told her mom she was sick. She explained that she would graduate at the end of 1st grade instead. Her mom, Julie, said that she had to go this year as each child had a line in a poem to recite during the ceremony. Cordy was silent for a while, and then proclaimed that she would just picture the audience in their underwear to get through it. Ha! As it turns out, the night of the big performance she turned to the audience and gave them a big grin, walked over to the folding chair in the center of the stage, issued a loud flushing noise along with the gesture and reminded everyone "don't forget to flush!" Good job, Cordy!

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