Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Writer's Group

Tonight I went to a writer's group meeting. It is comprised of the students who took a non-fiction writing class together in the spring. We meet to encourage each other and supply a sounding board and, since we are all women, share food and laughter. I am hoping that the group gatherings will supply me with added incentives to keep going on my book. I actually have accomplished a lot in the past two weeks. I am happy with sections one and three of the book, and have made good progress on section two, which is the heart of the book. My goal is to have a solid first draft of the book done by the end of August. I think that is very realistic. This summer I also want to get back to researching our building in Shrewsbury. It will be good for me to go through all the research steps again to make sure I am accurate in my book.

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