Tuesday, July 22, 2008

American Idolize

Julie and I went to the American Idol Live Tour last Friday. It was amazing! We had followed the competition throughout the season, and it was awesome to see the final 10 live in concert. All of the performers did a great job, but I mostly wanted to see the two Davids. The crowd was loud and screaming (high pitched teeney-bopper screams) when Archie came out, and he did not let us down. His voice is simply exceptional. But when Cook came out, he brought the house down. Talk about thunderous applause! He really knows how to play to the crowd. It was fun to have one on one time with my niece since we usually have a bunch of relatives around. And this concert was the perfect place to hang out together!

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Bobbi Linkemer said...

Let me among the first 100 or so to comment. Another lovely blog from the people who brought you myhousehistory.com. Congratulations, once again.