Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The American Dream

My husband and I own several small businesses. Most of the time we are proud of the fact that our companies have been successful and that we employ so many people. And then there are times like last night. We received a phone call around midnight from the St. Louis County police that alarms were going off in the building at our compost facility. After confirming with the alarm company that there were three sensors going off in the office, we knew that there were intruders. My husband quickly dressed and headed out, meeting up with the police and two of our employees who were also notified about the alarm . The thieves were able to break through the security door (the manufacturer may want to rename that one) to gain entry, and then they broke open the cash drawer. Upon finding only a few rolls of coins in the drawer, they proceeded to beat the crap out of the counter and desk. Sadly, they were not apprehended. The investigators were called to dust for prints, and they seem confident that this was an amateur job and they will catch the culprits. Jim did not get home until 3 AM. Sometimes the American Dream is a nightmare!

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