Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Sign of the Times?

We live on a street where the houses sit pretty far back from the road. Add to that the fact that the numbering system is odd due to the size of the lots (for example we are number 213 but my next door neighbor is number 221), and it makes for a challenge for delivery people and whatnot. My bigger concern is that emergency vehicles could find us if need be. That is why my husband and I invested in some historic, cast iron house numbers. We placed the numbers on the house, and a matching sign with the full address on it nearer to the street. Originally it was placed in concrete so as not to be stolen. However, when a 100 plus year old oak tree came down in a storm, it took out the sign as well as the small flowering trees in its path. Salvaging the sign, we replaced it in a planting bed near the street. One night several years ago it disappeared. As the sign is only useful to us since it has the full address on it, I assume some kids thought it would be fun to swipe it. We kept hoping it would turn up in someone's yard in the area and get returned to us. As anyone who has purchased these knows, the signs are quite expensive and have to be special ordered. We never got around to replacing it. When I came back from the grocery store this morning, there was the sign, laying on the front steps. I am assuming that someone was cleaning out planting beds and found it, and then took the extra steps to return it to us. Whoever the sign angel is, I give a hearty and grateful thanks. This time, it is going back in concrete!

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