Friday, April 10, 2009

One Butt, Two Bikes

Now that sounds like a fine start to a country song - "One butt, two bikes, so much more to add to my wife's dislikes..." Anyway, my husband is down in Memphis picking up his new motorcycle. Yeah, you'd think in a city the size of St. Louis, especially in light of the economy, he could find one here. But, noooo, let's add a nice long drive to the mix. I'm sure he was thinking of the great ride he would have on the way back home.

He already has a Victory motorcycle which he bought new in 2005. I'll admit that motorcycles scare me, and I told him right away not to put a seat on the back because I'll never get on it. I was the one who encouraged him to get a hobby. Owning three businesses was really taking its toll on him. All work and no play made Jim a really stressed boy. But I was thinking along the lines of woodworking or fly fishing. He told me that he didn't want a hobby that created more projects to complete since he deals with that every day. So I bought him a really nice digital SLR, before they became so popular that everyone carries one in their pocket. He had fun with that for awhile, but he spent more time surfing than shooting. On the web, that is. And so began the search for a motorcycle. The path to the devil's door is paved with html, don't you know.

He has embraced this new hobby with both gloved hands, and it has made such a difference in his disposition! The back roads are truly his escape from the businesses. So while I worry about him each and every time he goes from four wheels to two, I know this is something that he needs to do to clear his head. Which brings me full circle to one head, one butt, what's up with two bikes? The Victory bike is great for day rides, so I'm told. It just is not designed for long road trips, like the one he is taking this spring with three of his biker buddies. They are trucking their bikes out to California, and then riding back via Route 66. All of a sudden this has become a very expensive vacation. But I have a feeling the worse is yet to come. Where is he going to park the new bike?


Linda Austin said...

Like different shoes for walking, running, hiking... hope he's wearing a helmet!

Mrs. Wryly said...

Very well written! Just the right of amounts of understanding and distress.

At least your HB has a butt and a head. Many have two butts.