Monday, July 12, 2010

Here Comes Santa Claus

On the way home from Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I stopped in at Santa Claus, IN. I had read about this "town" when I was researching places to have the rehearsal dinner for Andy and Megan, so I thought I would finally check it out. I knew about the amusement park, aptly named Holiday World, because Megan's younger brother has worked there through high school and college. We passed Holiday World on the way to Santa Claus.

We drove by Santa's Lodge while looking for the town. Nothing. I turned around and entered a strip mall across from the Lodge. A plethora of Santas greet you along the mall, and we stopped into the visitor's center to seek directions to the town. Turns out we were there. Talk about the commercialization of Christmas - Santa Claus has been reduced to a strip mall. Since we were there, we toured the Santa Museum and picked up a couple of post cards picturing Santas, of course. A few steps from the museum we located the Post Office and had our cards sent off postmarked "Santa Claus, Indiana". Jim's mom collects Santa Clauses, so I knew she would get a kick out of her post card. As there was nothing else to do in the vicinity, I snapped off pictures of all the Santas I could find, and there were many.

As we drove back towards the highway we could see a monastery perched on a hill. Another quick stop found us at the St. Benedict Monastery in Ferdinand, Indiana. It is gorgeous, and the cemetery was fascinating as well. We have it on our list to take a tour next time we go over to Cincinnati. The monastery? Priceless. Santa Claus? Not so much. Ho, ho, ho...


Marc Steczyk said...


My name is Marc Steczyk and I'm the Town Manager of the Town of Ferdinand, Indiana. Through the power of google alerts, we are fortunate enough to see whenever the word "Ferdinand" is used on the web--thus, here I am!

Please feel free to contact me the next time you are through, I will personally arrange your tour of the Monastery. If you thought the outside was beautiful (AND IT IS), the inside is breathtaking. About five years ago, the sisters completed an amazing restoration of the church, etc. It is quite beautiful.

Also, our Ferdinand State Forest is another beautiful site near our town.

St. Meinrad, a community just to the south and east of Ferdinand (about a ten minute drive), has a beautiful Archabbey, as well. Very much worth the short drive it takes to get there.

Let me know when you're coming to town! I can be reached at


Mrs. Wryly said...

Wow, Marc's offer sounds like one that you can't refuse.


I would like to pose next to the same Santa that you did. He could make me look smaller.