Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Nonagenarian

Over the weekend I made another trip over to Cincinnati - my 4th so far this year! This is a new record for me I think. Maybe I went over more back in 2004 when my dad was in hospice and then for his funeral and to empty then sell his home. I can't remember. But this trip was for a happy occasion. My aunt Margie, one of two girls remaining from my mom's family of eight siblings, turned 90 on July 21st. Margie is a ball of energy, driving herself where she needs to go, taking part in card games, singing and parties at the local senior center, and helping others get to their medical appointments. She looks fantastic and seems to be in great health except for her diabetes. But even that she keeps under control. She is just amazing.
St. John's Cemetery, Fort Mitchell, KY
I arrived in town on Friday after stopping in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky to drive through a cemetery where my great-great grandmother is buried so that I could take pictures. Then one of the things that I absolutely must do in Cincinnati is eat Skyline Chili, and the cousins I was staying with were kind enough to oblige me and we ate there Friday night.  

Saturday morning my cousin Gina and I went downtown to Findlay Market, the oldest market house in Ohio, which opened in 1855. It consists of an open market, the enclosed Market House and a variety of store fronts surrounding the market area. The architecture in the area seems very European. I know that some of my early ancestors not only shopped here but also had booths selling food products. It is a thrill for me to walk in the area. We had a fun breakfast at a Belgian restaurant and then browsed the shops. I picked up some flavored sugar for coffee, tea and margaritas as well as some pickling cucumbers to bring home.
Findlay Market, Cincinnati, Ohio

Street vendors at Findlay Market
Me with the birthday girl
We got back to Gina's house in time to shower and get dressed for Aunt Margie's party, which was being held at the home of another one of my cousins, though I don't believe I had ever met her before. There were over 50 people who attended the party, and I think Margie was very touched by the whole thing. It was especially wonderful to be able to spend time with the birthday girl and her sister Betty, brother-in-law Jack and their daughter Lynn. I don't get to see them nearly as often as I would like. Following the party I drove to the home of another cousin to see him and his wife for a few hours.
This one month old was the youngest guest at the party
Sunday morning my cousins had made reservations for us to have brunch with the birthday girl at Palm Court ind downtown Cincinnati. Since I would be leaving for home from there, Gina and I drove separately and had enough time to photograph some of the pigs gracing the city. Part of the Cincinnati Big Pig Gig 2000, these pigs represent a small portion of the 425 decorated fiberglass pigs that were placed around Cincinnati and northern Kentucky that year. The pigs were later sold, raising $800,000 for local charities. Because Cincinnati hosted the World Choir Games this summer, 20 of the pigs were wee-located (sorry, couldn't resist) downtown. Wish I would have had more time to find them all. 
Three Little Pigs?

Sowwy Night

The Swine Arts

Chinese Tiger Pig

Breakfast was wonderful and we spent a couple of hours catching up at the restaurant. And then I hit the road for home. Another great trip to Cincinnati. I hope to go back in the fall and interview some older cousins for my latest book project. But for now I am swining off. Oink, oink...

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Another fun trip for you! From one month to 90 years; that is quite a span.

The pigs are cool!