Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Squirrel Busters Update

It has been awhile since I discussed the squirrel situation, and I am sad to say that it is not over yet. To date we have captured 8 squirrels. Yes, 8! And remember, they have a bounty on their little heads. We pay per squirrel that is caught. I told my financial advisor that I may need to take a withdrawal from my 401k to pay the bill. Hopefully that is an exaggeration. I am feeling pretty confident that we have gotten all the family members who were hanging out in the front porch area. It has been really quiet out front.

Unfortunately there is still at least one in the storage area of the attic. I can hear him when I get ready in the morning, and it kind of creeps me out. Jim doesn't understand why it bothers me, so I videotaped the sounds to play back for him. I have taken to listening to my iPad while I am in there, and I swear the squirrel is up there practicing his dancing with the stars moves until I turn the music off. And he is a wily one. Most squirrels come straight out of the hole they have made, which is where the trap is placed. This one comes out of the hole, thumbs his nose at me and then scampers off to the left and down the roof. I think Squirrel Busters is going to add a second cage off to the left to see if we can outsmart him. One of the mating seasons takes place in February, so we definitely want every one out before any babies arrive. Hopefully none of the sounds I recorded were baby-making noises!


Mrs. Wryly said...

That's funny! Wily squirrel!! The Life of Wily!!

Kim Wolterman said...

Ha! Maybe I should go ahead and set up a blog for him - The Life of Wily. Sounds like he is settled in for a bit.

Unknown said...

Maybe he is tryin to get a job in Hollywood like John Travolta. Practice is everything.I could become his manager.


Kim Wolterman said...

Matthias, come on over. You are welcome to take him out to California!