Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thomas Dunn Education Center
Recently the Cakeway to the West Facebook group had a pizza party and potluck at the Thomas Dunn Education Center in South City. There was a nice turnout, and two of the cake artists came as well. Numerous items were for sale, including postcards (several of which feature my photos) and coasters (one of which utilizes my photo). I am not going to lie, it is quite a thrill to see my photos used on items that are for sale. They were also taking pre-orders for a 2015 cake calendar. Proceeds of the sales are going to fund a book, "It's All about the Cakes", which they hope to release early in the spring. A couple of people brought their binders, books and scrapbooks, and it was interesting to see the different approaches being taken to commemorate this journey.

one of my postcards
 I met some new people from the group, and enjoyed catching up with the ones I have met at previous events. Again, I cannot get over how nice everyone is, and how much fun I am having hanging out with others who get my cake addiction. I hope we can keep up our friendships when 2015 rolls around.

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Mrs. Wryly said...

Wow, those photos are sharp! No wonder they were chosen.

Who knew that cakin' would have such an impact on your life?