Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Ties That Bind

My sister and I drove to Cincinnati last weekend for a Crusham family reunion. My mom was one of eight children, and two of her sisters are still alive. We treasure the opportunity to see these sweethearts as well as our many cousins. This time we had to stay in a hotel as the one cousin who normally puts us up (or perhaps I should say puts up with us) was out of town for a wedding. He may have planned it that way - ha! I chose a hotel by the airport, which isn't the most convenient location, but between a Reds home game, Oktoberfest, and a music festival the hotels close to the city were either booked or asking an extravagant rate for the rooms.

Friday night we met up with my dad's remaining sister Gloria and helped celebrate her 85th birthday. Two of her daughters were able to join us, and we had a nice dinner together. The evening ended when Gloria proclaimed, "My ass hurts, it's time to leave." We all busted out laughing! When I am old, I shall say whatever I please.

Saturday morning was a bit dreary, but that didn't stop us from heading to Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati. Three of our cousins on my mom's side met us there. It is an historic market, with stalls and shops and pretty much anything you could imagine to eat. It was great to be able to sit outside and catch up with everyone's lives. My cousin's dog Bella is a Super Star at the market, and her cute face scored her lots of handouts.

Findlay Market

That night we were off to Price Hill Chili, where they have a nice back room suitable for the rowdy Crusham crowd. We had the same waitress as last year, and I told her I was surprised that we she hadn't quit after the last time we ate here. She just laughed. While we had a smaller turnout than last year (32), we were so surprised to see my mom's first cousin Dot Krauser and her sons with their wives. She is 97 years young, and is quite the firecracker. She had such a great time, and my aunts sure enjoyed visiting with her. She even had a Bloody Mary! I am inspired by these ladies who know how to age well.

Betty, Margie & Dot
Kathy, Betty, Margie & me

On Sunday we picked up Aunt Betty and Aunt Margie and took them out to lunch before going to the rehab center where Betty's husband Jack is undergoing therapy. It was nie to have one on one time with the aunts, and of course a visit to Cincinnati is never complete without seeing Uncle Jack. That night we met up with the cousins who had been out of town for a wedding - over dinner, what else? As I have always said, we eat our way through Cincinnati!

It was a fabulous visit, as always. It was fun to reminisce about the past while creating new memories for the future.

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