Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Photography Challenge Week 2

This week's challenge was Composition: Rule of Thirds. Specifically, we were to use the rule of thirds while showing motion in our picture. Uh, oh...that sounded like I was going to have to take my camera off of the automatic exposure setting!

Essentially, the rule of thirds involves mentally dividing up the shot you want to take using 2 horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Many cameras have a grid in the viewfinder to help photographers frame their shots. The thought is to add interest to the photo, and not have things centered in the picture.

I took advantage of the unusual snowfall that we had in St. Louis over the weekend to try out some shots. While I definitely did not end up with the wonderful blur of motion that other photographers illustrated in their submissions, I am proud of the fact that I tried new techniques with my camera. After all, that is what the challenge is all about.

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 2

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