Monday, April 22, 2019

Photography Challenge Weeks 15 and 16

The Week 15 Challenge called for us to take a photo with the inspiration being Anonymous, which we could interpret however we liked. While taking photos at Tower Grove Park, I saw this couple enjoying the sunshine on a bench, and photographed them through the daffodils.

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 15
For Week 16, we were to tell a story while only using shadow. This caused some lively discussion amongst the Dogwood Photography Facebook group members as folks discussed whether a silhouette was a shadow, or how about a reflection in the water? And could other items appear in the photo besides the shadow? But it all comes back to the fact that this challenge is whatever you make it to be. Below is what I came up with on Saturday - shadows of tulips at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I don't know how compelling the story is, but I feel it stays true to the prompt given for the weekly challenge.

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 16

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